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Below are descriptions of our various training programs and the rates*.

Rates are based on areas serviced - within either a 0-15 mile or 16-25 mile radius to Athol.

Individual Classes

Individual lessons

Individual lessons are designed to work with your busy schedule. Lessons can be held at any location at almost any time. They cover obedience and/or problem solving. Dogs learn best with no distractions - avoid the chaos that can ensue when you try to train multiple dogs at a group class.


  • $55/hour up to 15 miles from Athol
  • $60/hour 16-25 miles from Athol
  • $10/hour for 1 additional dog

Problem solving

Dog driving you crazy? Make your dog a joy to live with. Learn how to address house breaking, jumping, nipping, digging, chewing, barking, begging, counter surfing, getting on furniture, bolting and any other behavior that you consider a "problem".


  • $55/hour up to 15 miles from Athol
  • $60/hour 16-25 miles from Athol
  • $10/hour for 1 additional dog

Training Programs

4-Week Training Program

Most behaviors cannot be taught in one session. In this program you will learn how to teach your dog basic commands such as sit, down, come, come/sit, sit/stay, down/stay, as well as loose leash walking. Programs can also be customized to meet you and your dog's needs.

The 4-week program can also be used for problem solving. The number of problem behaviors addressed will vary depending on which problems are involved and the severity of the problems.


  • $200 for the 4-week session up to 15 miles from Athol
  • $220 for the 4-week session 16-25 miles from Athol
  • $10/hour for 1 additional dog

7-Week Training Program

The 7-week program covers the same behaviors as the 4-week program but adds distraction. The behaviors are thoroughly proofed. Take your dog anywhere without worrying about him "forgetting everything" because he sees the neighbor's cat. The 7-week program can cover multiple problem behaviors.


  • $315 for the 7-week session up to 15 miles from Athol
  • $350 for the 7-week session 16-25 miles from Athol
  • $10/hour for 1 additional dog

Day Training Program

Day training is when I teach your dog without you being present. The training is done at your home several times a week. I will work directly with your dog to teach behaviors and then train you to maintain them during "transfer sessions". During the transfer sessions, the dog is "proofed" to you and you learn the concepts and skills necessary to maintain the dog's progress. The transfer sessions are critical to the success of day training. Without them the dog will learn to just work for me. You will need the dog to work for you. You will also learn how to maintain the training for the dog's lifetime.

Day training is a good option for people with busy schedules who want most of the training to be done before their participation begins. It can also be beneficial to people who have limited physical abilities. For example, a senior citizen who may not have the timing necessary to effectively train a bouncy Boston Terrier puppy or someone who doesn't have the physical ability to walk a rambunctious adolescent lab mix unless the dog has had some training first.

My time with your dog usually takes 4-5 weeks at 2-4 times per week. Transfer sessions are 1 time per week for 2-3 weeks.


  • $400-$600 for the training and transfer sessions
  • I will meet and evaluate your dog and adjust the rate accordingly.



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